Out of Love

Documentary short

Out of Love

A film about love and violence. When does abusing start? Is your partner abusing you when she’s bullying you in front of your friends? Is abuse always physical? Where is the limit?
Where is your limit?

Two male victims and a female abuser give open-hearted accounts of their personal experiences.
What influence did the violence have on their relationship? And what influence did it have on their lives.
Out of Love shows us how we try with our best intentions to keep a relationship alive.
Even though this relationship is complicated, frightening and painful, we keep fighting for love.

You can watch Out of Love on Culture Unplugged.

  • Length 32 min
  • Genre Human interest
  • Year 2012
  • Director & Producer Biserka Suran
  • Director of Photography Nina da Costa
  • Director of Photography Niels Bakker
  • Sound recording Jasnai Jansen
  • Sound recording Anneloes Pabbruwee
  • Sound recording Daan Arens
  • Sound recording Tirtsa Heuwekemeijer
  • Editor Tim van der Maden